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0 – founded in 2011 – is a Hip Hop blog that chronicles the history of rap music. On its surface, this blog honors the MC’s, DJ’s, and Hip Hop Producers who’ve created the Hip Hop songs that have moved millions of people across the globe; with special emphasis on the period between 1979 (the year the first rap songs were recorded) and the year 2000. But also expands the definition of Hip Hop music, by paying tribute to those genres that gave rise to Hip Hop (Soul Music, Funk Music, Acid Jazz, etc.), as well as subgenres that were borne out of rap, such as Hip Hop Soul.

Named after “Genius Rap”, the 1981 single by old school duo Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde, captures the sights, sounds, and images of rap’s most productive years; starting with Old School Hip Hop (1979 through 1986), moving on to rap’s Golden Era – defined here as 1987 through 1995 – and continuing through the late 1990’s, to the cusp of the 21st Century. This rap blog separates each time period into its own section. For fans of 80s Hip Hop, The Throwback section features reviews of both Old School Rap and early Golden Era releases, and runs from 1979 through 1989. If 90s Hip Hop is more your speed, The Renaissance section covers the best rap albums of the 1990’s. And the Lost Gems section delves into both 80s rap and 90s rap releases, to explore first-rate rap albums of those eras that have gone out of print, and are no longer in wide circulation.

Along with the sections mentioned above, also has other more expansive sections, that center on a number of facets of Hip Hop. For instance, in the Assorted Flavors section, you’ll find a wide variety of albums, including greatest hits and anthology releases from long-tenured rap artists (e.g. Run DMC, The Geto Boys, and DJ Quik); greatest hits releases and studio albums from soul artists, funk bands and jazz artists who’ve been frequently sampled by rappers, such as James Brown, Parliament-Funkadelic and Bob James; Hip Hop R&B releases from R&B artists like Faith Evans, Carl Thomas and Mary J. Blige; and compilation album sets ranging from Hip Hop soundtracks (e.g. Tupac Resurrection and 8 Mile) to compilations featuring Hip Hop samples, like The Chronicles, which spotlights soul and funk classics sampled by Dr. Dre; and Shaolin Soul, which features sample sources used by Wu-Tang Clan.

For those seeking to view as well as hear Hip Hop history, The Screening Room offers a plethora of Hip Hop DVDs; that explore Hip Hop’s visual components. In this section, you’ll find Hip Hop DVD releases, such as Hip Hop videos for several prominent rap artists (e.g. Ice Cube, Nas, and Scarface); Hip Hop films like Wild Style and The Notorious BIG biopic Notorious; plus concert films (Method Man, Busta Rhymes, etc.) and Hip Hop documentaries (Letter to the President, Scratch, etc.) that delve into Hip Hop politics and the art of turntablism. Within this site, you’ll also find sections that focus intently on Hip Hop samples (Crate Digger’s Corner), quotes of rap lyrics (Rhyme Science), exceptional rap songs from the 1980’s and 1990’s (Heat Rock Haven), articles on notable people and events in Hip Hop history (Lost In Thought); and the Genius Rap Store, where you’ll find music CDs, DVDs, mp3 Downloads, rap posters, music production software, and much more. is a unique Hip Hop blog; one that celebrates rap history and the men and women who have contributed to its nurturing and development. This blog has it all: 80s Rap, 90s Rap, Rap Videos, and R&B music with a Hip Hop edge. So whether you’re an old school rap buff or 90s Hip Hop fan; a follower of New York Hip Hop or the Dirty South, has you covered, from ‘79 to Infinity.

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